The Passage

The Passage of a Few People Through a Rather Brief Moment in Time

From 2009–2019, The Passage ride explored far-flung areas of Los Angeles on bike. Departing from Koreatown’s California Donuts #21, each Wednesday night we set out on a unique route based around a different theme. Sometimes historical, sometimes conceptual, often nonsensical, sometimes a game, our routes aimed to give participants a balance between seeing new things and seeing old things anew. Convinced that bicycle infrastructure encompasses much more than bike lanes and river paths, we climbed hills, wandered off-road, and ventured underground to manifest unexpected connections between otherwise disconnected places.

Co-created and organized with Nathan Snider


Much more than exercise or sociability (though it could also be those things), at its heart The Passage was about encountering the city with a spirit of discovery and wonder. Labyrinthine routes, inconvenient terrain, and variable thematic structuring served to defamiliarize our surroundings, forcing moments of disorientation and reorientation. Each week was something of an experiment, another thesis about the city put to its test — not to provide answers, like tour guides, but to open up ever more avenues for questioning.
Instagram / ThePassageRide
Interactive route map via Erik Price


Exploring the City at Night, by Bike, KCRW, July 2013
Passage #288: Passed Participle, video by Paul Vu, February 2015
Bike Talk interview, December 2019