Conceived by Carmina Escobar and Sean Deyoe
Commissioned and performed by Isaura String Quartet

Music composed by Carmina Escobar
Lighting and video environment by Sean Deyoe
Staging and blocking by Escobar and Deyoe

Premiered at Isaura String Quartet: hum
Redcat Theater, Los Angeles, December 11, 2019

Photography by Steve Gunther

We start by opening our eyes. The formulation grows out of familiarization with the players. Tarot, Jungian symbology, alchemical archetypes, their esoteric internal logics become catalysts to transform individuals into processes, processes into spaces. Four recipes develop as each personality steps forward. Recipes not as prescriptions but systems to be inhabited — chaotic, noisy, unstable. The means are modest; we seek to make something from nothing. Transmutation. Space and action in dialogue. Moments of tension and resonance. Entropy. Feedback. Synergy. What we see are not the processes but the shadows, neither tangible nor intangible. Emergence. A scream: a beginning, an affirmation. In the end, we close our eyes again. The process of change continues.